It is all around, hidden in the small things that surround us, but we don’t always notice. Even in the best of times, happiness can hide its face… until we stop to look for it…
During the social isolation of the 2020/2021 Covid-19 pandemic Dirt Lane translated Where Happiness Hides, into 29 languages, making it freely available worldwide.
Translations include several Indian and African languages, Mandarin and Cantonese and European languages, as well as Samoan and the Australian First Nations Wiradyuri language.

Where Happiness Hides is a story that invites you to find the mysterious places where happiness might be waiting for you. You won’t have to look very far … happiness is hiding right inside you. In this story you will see where two children find the keys to their happiness, in the small moments of their everyday life. We hope you will then be inspired to look for happiness in your own everyday!

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Illustrations (c) Jennifer Goldsmith 2020 for the print version of Where Happiness Hides by Anthony Bertini, published by Dirt Lane Press.