A Chicken Called Hope


Written by Danny Parker
Illustrated by Tamlyn Teow

A Chicken Called Hope is a story about what happens when you rely on hope alone. When faced with a challenge, Hope the chicken simply hopes for the best. The trouble is, as captain
of the ship Courage, she needs more than hope to get her through the peaks and troughs of life on the high seas. But Hope only learns this lesson after Courage fails her and all hope seems lost.

This is a story about being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.



DANNY PARKER is a picture-book author whose stories are inspired by moments of family life. Danny’s picture books have won or been short-listed for national awards, and he has collaborated with some of the world’s leading illustrators.

TAMLYN TEOW is an artist based in Australia with interests
in narrative and emotionally themed work. Her aim is to create art that inspires the imagination. Tamlyn has worked as a scenic artist at Opera Australia and Fox Studios, and as character concept artist for Phantom Comics.


RRP: $24.95 AUD (hbk)
ISBN: 978-0-6488996-8-6
SPECIFICATIONS: 32-page picture-book
TRIM: 280 x 210 mm
COVER: 4 colour
INTERNALS: 4 colour
ENDPAPERS: 1 colour
CATEGORY: Early childhood – 4 to 8 RIGHTS AVAIL.: World excluding ANZ Nerrileeweir@boldtypeagency.com.au


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